write-in candidate

A roundup of actual items, excerpted from the records of the Lake Oswego and West Linn, Ore., police departments:

A politician campaigning on Walking Woods Drive told a woman he wanted her vote, although he had no material to give her.

An elderly woman in a Cadillac is taking too long to turn left on Boones Ferry Road.

Two men sitting in a vehicle in the 2400 block of Southslope Way were raising suspicions. They were writing up a job offer.

Miscellaneous CDs and a yoga mat were taken from an unlocked car on Pine Valley Road.

A heavy, squat woman is bothering people coming out of a planning meeting at city hall.

A man waving at cars on southbound I-205 on the bridge was deemed suspicious.

Condolea Drive was the site of a strange incident in which a pot was moved, two large plants were damaged and underwear was thrown into trees.

A tenant is seeking police assistance in having a woman removed from his room.

Poppy seed jars were found in the library parking lot.

Neighbors in a backyard in the 1800 block of Deana Drive were talking.

A resident’s unwanted sisters came over for a visit, entering through a window.

A rose bush was stolen during the night in the 2000 block of 17th Avenue.

A ferret let itself into a house in the 6700 block of Larson Avenue.

When a man staggered badly coming out of a liquor store, it was originally thought he was drunk. However, it turned out he had a bad knee.

A woman reported that a male acquaintance removed lawn ornaments from her property and threw a Bible at her daughter in the 2200 block of Hawthorne Street.

A driver reported seeing either a grill or a baby carriage on southbound I-205 near Highway 43.

Two vehicles collided at Chow Mein Lane and Willamette Drive.

People from Jamaica keep bothering a family in the 4000 block of Calaroga Drive wanting to come visit.

Someone wearing a headband and a skirt carrying a plastic object seemed suspicious at Marylhurst and Willamette drives.

Two bronze deck chairs worth $100 were stolen from a backyard on La Mesa Court.

A woman believes she is being harassed by a man using electro-magnetic technology. He also rubbed Vaseline on her car door.

A man lost his wallet while buying a taco on Bangy Road.

A cougar was potentially seen in a ravine in the 6600 block of Palomino Circle.

An argument over potato chips broke out between a husband and wife as they were watching TV.

A suspicious vehicle with two people in it was parked at Mapleton Drive and Nixon Avenue. They were lost.


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